• INetSecurity.IN is an Indian based web security consultancy, We are specialized in identifying web vulnerabilities, securing them and providing training  for software developers to develop strongly secured web applications.  As we all are aware that everybody are forced to use internet even for our basic needs and our confidential data  will be stored in Website Databases.  Most of the websites of the Reputed companies are being hacked , DOSed and defaced only because of not having the awareness in web security and hacking.
  • Many innocent people are victimized easily for Phishing attacks and some sort of Social Engineering attacks. There are few tricks to identify a spoofed content but if they are trapped or victimized by that attacks unknowingly the impact will be worse.
  • We, INetSecurity.IN are experts in vulnerabilities assessments and Penetration testing as we are fighting against criminal hackers who try to steal your data online. A survey says “1000s of websites are getting hacked in India for fun and show off”. Don’t let hackers to do this to you. We strongly recommend all reputed educational institutes to use IDS/IPS to check for malicious web traffic and Injections from remote servers. It is must to perform periodical vulnerability assessments. Unfortunately, for this you have to spend a lot of money to the third-party developers to secure and maintain your online data  instead, we can develop our team of programmers to rectify them.
  • For this reason,  INetSecurity.IN offers “ Workshops on Information Security and Ethical Hacking for students ”.. In the workshops We’ll give demonstrations to your students the attacks and its counterfeits. So students can easily identify malicious contents and get rid of them.

This workshop will be beneficial for students in the following ways:

   * Firstly, the workshop gives students  an insight of  Ethical Hacking i.e compromise of email hacking, DOS attacks ,SQL Injection etc.  Learning different hacking & precautionary techniques and tips from us.

   * We also provide tools for the techniques used in the Workshop.
   * Also the workshop doesn't end up then and there. You can contact the concerned faculties throughout your semester or thereafter also if you need any guidance regarding security consultations.

  * Learning  today’s requirements to secure themselves and their family in Online.


Certification Policy:

    * Certificate of Participation for all the workshop participants from INetSecurity.IN.

    * Certificate of Coordination for the student coordinators of the campus workshops.


  • It's a basic level workshop so there are no prerequisites.  Basic knowledge of internet using is enough. Anyone who is interested can join this workshop.


Workshops on Information Security and Ethical Hacking

Cyber Security Workshops