• Security of the applications is more important when it is used in online.  We perform manual methods of code reviewing  and manual security test to make the application testing process  more comprehensive and accurate. Application security testing is the most  important and challenging procedure that have to be done periodically  because exploitations occur mainly due to carelessness in avoiding vulnerabilities in application.


  • Application penetration testing is more effective at demonstrating the risk and level of exploitability of a vulnerable application. we can also manually check for the security controls, such as web application firewalls, URL-based access control mechanisms, and centralized authentication gateways in the server. If the application's code is not available, then automated penetration testing is the only way to generate assured report.


Web Application Penetration Testing

  •         Web Application Penetration Testing service allows you to discover the risks posed by vulnerabilities in your organization’s Web Applications. Our service provides a detailed report of all  the vulnerabilities, their actual risk level and detailed recommendations to rectify them.
  •         Attacks focused on exploiting vulnerabilities and design flaws that frequently plague many of today's Web-based applications is growing exponentially and organizations that fail to test for and address these issues often fall victim to costly compromises.
  •         Although many organizations do an excellent job of securing their perimeter networks & systems from attack by using restrictive firewalls, sophisticated intrusion detection & prevention systems, and more, little is still being done to ensure that their publicly accessible applications are secure.,

Application Security